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CEO objet jesmonite

My name is Audrey and I am 30 years old, I live near Grenoble and more precisely in Voreppe in Isère (38).

Passionate since childhood by manual activities, first of all thanks to my father who taught me from a young age, auto mechanics which was his passion throughout his life as well as my two parents who taught me to to be resourceful in life.

I started in the 1st confinement to embark on the creation of concrete objects, I then discovered in the 2nd confinement this matter with infinite potential. I immediately spent days and days doing research on this matter, the possibilities I could establish and also to find what identity I wanted to give to my shop.

And at the 3rd confinement I decided to go for it and make my dream come true.

Galina Créations is a tribute to my father, but also a way for me to thank my parents for what they have given me and taught me throughout my life.